Fertilizer Service

The health of your lawn and plants is important. Scheduling regular services to provide the proper nutrition and preventative measures for insects and fungus ensures the longevity of your property. The health of your landscape is in good hands with us.

Lawn & Ornamental Spray Programs

Proper maintenance is required to maintain any beautiful lawn and garden.

We provide services for identifying and treating lawns and landscapes for insects, diseases and nutritional deficiencies. The preventative approach is always the preferred method, rather than mitigating an existing problem.

Our services include the assessment and treatment of lawn and specialty turf, palms, hedges, citrus and fruit, cycads and large trees. Florida Keys landscapes are especially vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies and need to be fertilized properly on a routine basis in order to maintain their health and vigor. Our trained crews use only the highest quality slow release granular and liquid fertilizers for the best application results.

Lawn Spraying

Routine lawn fertilizer will keep your lawn looking beautiful year round. Different types of fertilizer is used throughout the year to ensure you have a pest free and weed free lawn.

Tree Fertilizer

Annual tree and shrub fertilizer programs are available for different types of species. Keep your shrubs and trees pest and disease free with a proactive tree fertilizer program.

Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control

Various types of pests will do damage to your lawn, shrubs, and trees. Preventative pest programs will keep your property looking great year round regardless of the time of year.

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Our Team

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